Chicken Salad
Last night we had a chicken salad with sunflower seeds, basil pesto feta, crispy noodles and a balsamic and mustard dressing. Was so yummy! I love salads, but have found them hard to have recently as they are not so easy for kids. But for Nico I just put all the bits separately and he gobbled it all up! :-)


  1. Angela25 June 2012 12:57

    YUM! Kent loved crispy noodles. Does N eat the lettuce? Reuben only had a go for the 1st time recently. He was never keen and I can sort of understand it is a bit weird.

    1. Lara Aldred26 June 2012 13:19

      Lettuce was the one thing I left out for him - I think its something that kids must think 'what was the point of eating that!'