So last night I was intending to have stir fry again, but I forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer (and also decided I couldnt really be bothered ..) So we had home made pizza - I keep some in the freezer so its an easy dinner to pull out! With chips and carrots on the side :)
Cannellini and Penne Salad
cannellini beans, penne, rainbow chard, olives cooked together, followed by feijoa ice cream (made by michael) covered in raspberry jam. oh boy.
Chicken Stir Fry
Last night we has chicken stir fry again (and will be having it tonight too :) I think I am slowly converting David to eat brown rice!
Chicken Salad
Last night we had a chicken salad with sunflower seeds, basil pesto feta, crispy noodles and a balsamic and mustard dressing. Was so yummy! I love salads, but have found them hard to have recently as they are not so easy for kids. But for Nico I just put all the bits separately and he gobbled it all up! :-)
a little garlic and steamed broccoli, drizzled in walnut oil. funny to think i bought the oil to seal the wooden bench, it's delicious!
Last night we had pan fried fish with capers, mashed potato and steamed veges on the side.
Chicken and Mushroom
Last night we had chicken, mushroom, onion and garlic done in a pan with a white sauce (which turns nice and mushroomy in the pan very quickly!) and drop of white wine. Pasta at Reuben's request + veg.
Chicken Stir Fry
Last night we had chicken stir fry with cashews and brown rice. Though for Nico's dinner I put the stir fry with dinosaur shaped pasta instead :-)
Lamb Casserole
Friday night I made a lamb casserole in the slow cooker, lamb shoulder, potatoes, carrots, onions with canned tomatoes and stock, and served with freshly cooked bread to mop up the juices.
Roast Pork
Just tried a Tana Ramsay roast pork recipe, it worked really well, roast pork loin and I got the crackling right for the first time ever. The pork is served with white beans cooked with bacon, thyme and stock - yum.
Last night I made one of Kent's favourites - pizza. Bread machine dough with our usuals, mushroom and red capsicum, and as a bonus, some leftover sausage. Tomato paste and tomato sauce with oregano as a base and yes, plenty of cheese. I think everyone should have the necessary to make a homemade pizza when they feel like it, even if it means having some shop-bought bases in the freezer.
Shepherd's Pie
Left over shepherds pie. The highlight was a leafy green salad with roasted walnuts and blue cheese that I was inspired to make after seeing a posting from Annabel Langbein on my facebook feed :)
Beef Stroganoff
Last night we had beef stroganoff with pasta and veges on the side :-)
Pumpkin and Feta Risotto
leftover goat feta and pumpkin risotto. surprisingly good straight from the fridge. washed down with some celebratory gamay noir.
Roast Chicken
Last night was all about comfort food, roast chicken and roast veges followed by apple pie - it just can't be beaten.
Tuna Fritters
Last night we had tuna fritters, rice, egg, curry powder, tuna, garlic, onion, parsley. They were really good and reminded me of an old school fish pie my mum used to make using tuna (no doubt on a budget as there are 6 kids in my family). Then veges and crunchy potatoes on the side :-)
Vegetarian Lasagne
Last night I did a vegetarian lasagne - inspired by KellyO's Cannelloni. Spinach, cottage cheese, tinned tomatoes and a jar of garlicky tomatoey sauce. Topped with grated cheddar and a little feta.
Not a dinner, but so easy I had to share - yesterday I made roasted chickpeas (to eat cold almost like peanuts). You just drain a can of chickpeas, drizzle with oil then sprinkle however much salt and cayenne pepper that takes your fancy and into the oven at 230 for about 40min. I then turned the oven off and left them to dry out for a while longer.
Last night we had homemade pizza with mushrooms, capsicums, red onion, corgettes and chicken. Kumara chips on the side :) I always make three or four pizzas at a time, then freeze them - makes for a quick and easy dinner!
Fish Pie
Last night I made fish pie. Fish and mixture of veges and a white sauce with a drop of cheese and white wine. Fresh herbs. Topped with mashed potato and grated cheese + breadcrumbs. This can also be topped with pastry of course, or my current favourite is chunks of homemade bread drizzled with melted butter - they go lovely and crispy after baking.
Last night we had good ol Edmonds meatloaf - a staple in our house. I also managed to figure out how to time the oven on and off for the first time, so we could still go out and have our dinner ready. We had it with roast vege including this years first yams.

oh dear. long day at work topped off with chinese takeaways. i haven't done that for a year. i won't do it for another.
Huevos Rancheros
tonight we had huevos rancheros. a tin each of butter beans and cannellini beans (drained), one onion, garlic, one tin of tomatoes, some cumin and paprika. cook all of that together, then put the mix in ramekins or a small baking tray. crack a couple of eggs on top and put them under the grill.
Last night we had steak marinated in honey and soy with load of garlic - I love garlic - and mashed potatoes and veges on the side. :-)
Spinach & Cottage Cheese Cannelloni
Last night I had cannelloni, real comfort food, I use an Alison & Simon Holst recipe, spinach and cottage cheese stuffed in the tubes, a strong tomato sauce around the tubes and topped with cream cheese as well as a sprinkle of normal cheese which finishes it off perfectly.
Corn Fritters
Last night we had a simple classic - corn fritters with veges on the side :) I actually wanted to make tuna fritters, I had everything ready until I realised we didnt have any tuna left :( Next time!
Stir Fried Veg and Rice
Last night I needed something fast and simple, but something that felt like a real dinner. We had stir fry veges (onion, carrot, broccoli, corn, capsicum) and rice with soy sauce, sweet chilli and cashews.
Braised cannellini beans with fennel and kale
Beef Shortribs and Mashed Parsnip
Had dinner at my mums tonight, beef shortribs (meat off the bone though when served) it's the first time i've had shortribs, it's the kind of cut you cook long and slow, it's a bit gelatinous kind of like lamb shanks. Mum served the meat in it's juices on mashed parsnip, nice change from potato.
Apricot Chicken
Last night I did chicken thighs in the crock pot with dried apricots, honey and mustard powder. Stir in plain yoghurt after cooking and we had rice & green veg.
My sister just had a baby and is still in hospital and isn't a big fan of hospital food - who is! So tonight I made her favourite pizza and delivered it - it's really simple, homemade tomato sauce with lots of onion garlic and herbs, salami, yellow pepper and just a sprinkle of cheese, I left her with a big smile on her face - my work is done!
Nana's Stew
On Thursday we had Davids Nana's stew recipe. So simple but so yummy. We had it using beef, then mashed spuds and cauliflower on the side. Really bugs me though that the meat for these types of meals used to be so cheap ... USED to be!
Recently bought a new recipe book off GrabOne called Comfort food for Sharing. I had been eyeing it up for several months as I really liked the concept - easy food to cook for those who need a helping hand (Some of the book proceeds go to Starship Children's hospital, which I also thought was cool). So thrilled to see it so cheap on grabone. This first recipe was a great success. A lasagna with a no-bake cheese sauce comprised of cottage chesse, parmesan cheese and a small quantity of milk. My picky 3 year old ate it all up with no assistance!
Cheese and Crackers
a31 May 2012 01:17
blue cheese, crackers, redcurrant jelly
Beef Stroganoff
KellyO29 May 2012 01:15
I used the tail of my beef fillet from Sunday night to make beef stroganoff, I used a healthy food guide recipe with a few variations - what a difference good quality meat makes! I'm not a huge mushroom fan but I love them in this recipe.
Chicken Mince and Veg
Lara Aldred29 May 2012 00:16
So we had a meal that a friend made for me when we had our second baby - I liked it so much I asked for the recipe and have since made it several times. Its really easy - chicken mince with lots of garlic and ginger, then corgettes, carrots, red pepper, spinach, chilli and mustard powder. Lots and Lots of kecap manis, then left to simmer and served on rice
Roast Garlic and Pumpkin Risotto
Rachel Broadbent28 May 2012 14:08
My husband is not at all keen on vegetarian meals, However, I have made him a deal. We eat vegetarian once a week and i will cook him roast lamb once every 2-3 months with the money we save! (We currently have roast lamb once a year on his birthday!). So last night we had roast garlic and pumpkin risotto (Annabel langbein).
 Scrambled Eggs
Amanda28 May 2012 03:17
So "last night" it was quite mild out, and I forgot to take my sneakers to the gym, so Michael and I went for a run when I got home. By the time we finished our trot we were really rather hungry and M needed to go out, so were up for a fast meal.

We scrambled five of the eggs laid this morning, added almost as much in quantity of milk, a little cheese, a spring onion and chives. Had we a cow that would all be homemade. It was so good. I learned how to make great scrambled eggs from my sister-in law - pour everything into the pan and wait. When it starts to solidify at the base, move it just a little to let the unset liquid run into the groove. Wait, then move it just a little more. The top stays so nice and shiny that way.
Roast Pumpkin and Merguez Chickpeas
not a wild hera28 May 2012 13:42
My mother-in-law has some River Cottage cookbooks, so tonight we made roast pumpkin and onions with garlic and cider vinegar, and 'merguez chickpeas', with a North African dressing of cumin, coriander, fennel, pepper, rosemary, cayenne and garlic. SUPER YUM. Felt completely decadent while being all virtuous. Oh and salad too. And much quicker and easier to make than it looked or maybe sounds.

AND then my mother-in-law saved some disappointing baked rhubarb from last night by blending it with custard to make a rhubarb fool for pudding. DOUBLE YUM. Lucky dinner night!
I hope haloumi doesn't come into the too classy for this page category, apparently it's really easy to make - a colleague of mine made it for me in exchange for some quince paste from my kitchen.

Sliced, grilled haloumi, deseeded chargrilled capsicum with skin removed, on a bed of lettuce from the garden (cos?), with a little trickle of raspberry balsamic vinegar. New flavour combination!
Beef Fillet with Dauphinoise Potatoes
KellyO26 May 2012 21:29
Still prepping tonights dinner, just taking a break. My family is coming over so a little more effort going in tonight. Beef fillet with dauphinoise potatoes, roast yams and green beans, followed by feijoa pie with a crumble top and vanilla bean ice cream - anyone want to join in?
Toasted Sandwiches
Lara Aldred26 May 2012 18:18
So Friday night is our takeaway night, then Saturday is our easy dinner night :) So we had toasted sammies - ham, cheese and red onion with crunchy carrots on the side. Probably not worthy of a post, but its out there now :-)
So last night (and tonight) we had balsamic chicken in the slow cooked. I used drumsticks, then loads of balsamic vinegar, canned toms, garlic, onions, bit of sugar, lots of herbs and salt. Then we had veges and a crispy roll on the side.
Thai Green Chicken Curry
KellyO23 May 2012 00:22
Can't say last night, cause it's still tonight and my empty dinner bowl is beside me on the couch still! I had thai green chicken curry with carrots, potatoes and peas added to the curry and served on rice - I love potato cooked in any flavoured liquid - it soaks up the flavour so nicely and adds some substance.
Crumbed Schnitzel
KellyO23 May 2012 00:17
Last night my Mum cooked dinner for me, crumbed schnitzel a baked potato and zucchinis cooked in a frying pan with onion, tomato, red pepper and a little cream - yummo!
Sausages and Roast Vege Salad
Rachel Broadbent22 May 2012 03:18
Last night we had venison sausages with roast vege salad (pumpkin, kumera, carrots and potato seasoned with salt and pepper, then feta cheese added just before serving) with steamed broccoli and carrots.
Last night we had tuna pasta - Tuna, pasta, brocolli and corn in a white sauce with breadcrumbs and cheese on top, cooked and grilled in the oven.
Eggs in Tomatoes
Angela22 May 2012 01:50
Last night we had eggs poached in tinned tomatoes (in the frying pan) with onions & chilli powder and topped with grated cheese.