Scrambled Eggs
Amanda28 May 2012 03:17
So "last night" it was quite mild out, and I forgot to take my sneakers to the gym, so Michael and I went for a run when I got home. By the time we finished our trot we were really rather hungry and M needed to go out, so were up for a fast meal.

We scrambled five of the eggs laid this morning, added almost as much in quantity of milk, a little cheese, a spring onion and chives. Had we a cow that would all be homemade. It was so good. I learned how to make great scrambled eggs from my sister-in law - pour everything into the pan and wait. When it starts to solidify at the base, move it just a little to let the unset liquid run into the groove. Wait, then move it just a little more. The top stays so nice and shiny that way.

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  1. Angela28 May 2012 20:26

    This is a great tip! I must try it sometime. KH always liked his scrambled eggs not TOO scrambled.