Roast Pumpkin and Merguez Chickpeas
not a wild hera28 May 2012 13:42
My mother-in-law has some River Cottage cookbooks, so tonight we made roast pumpkin and onions with garlic and cider vinegar, and 'merguez chickpeas', with a North African dressing of cumin, coriander, fennel, pepper, rosemary, cayenne and garlic. SUPER YUM. Felt completely decadent while being all virtuous. Oh and salad too. And much quicker and easier to make than it looked or maybe sounds.

AND then my mother-in-law saved some disappointing baked rhubarb from last night by blending it with custard to make a rhubarb fool for pudding. DOUBLE YUM. Lucky dinner night!


  1. KellyO29 May 2012 01:03

    Just watching River Cottage on Prime and he's making Rhubarb fool!!

  2. not a wild hera29 May 2012 02:30

    Brilliant! Fool that I am, I had no idea that that was a fool, but it was Janet's domestic goddess solution to our leftovers and it was YUM. Luxury muesli this morning with fool on top. Part of my five plus a day, right?