Lentil Lasagne
Last night we had lentil lasagne and broccoli. We have this frequently - more often in its deconstructed form as lentils and pasta (when I can't be bothered with / don't have time for making white sauce!). Its contents vary according to what veg I have in the fridge, but last night included a courgette and a carrot chopped up with the lentil mix. The lentils I use are red, which don't need soaking, but do benefit from a good rinse. I start with onion, garlic and spices (usually ground cinnamon, cumin and coriander - last night went a bit heavy with the cinnamon, so it was a bit sweeter than usual, but nice) in some oil, add the lentils and veg, a can of chopped tomatoes, simmer for about 20 mins while I make the white sauce.
Thankfully, both kids are more than happy to eat lentils - in fact they prefer them to any meat - so I can get away with making this as often as I do!

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